How Albert Sloan And Alan Mulally Used Social Media To Insulate Themselves From Error

Social media marketing is all about technology and techniques. These techniques and technology help us engage people to create deep relationships. The deep relationships created by social media certainly are a tool that a modern marketer uses to insulate themselves from error. Marketing is all about making bets in the market place. How big is social media allows a marketer to produce better bets. When social media can be used properly, the relationships created by engagements insulate a marketer from error. A marketer now can depend on the wisdom of many rather than just himself. There is a wisdom to crowds that insulates from error. Two example of this are Albert Sloan of General Motors in1923 and Alan Mullally of Ford Motor Company in 2011. Both of these CEO’s from different eras used the wisdom of crowds to produce critical bets that repositioned their brands and insulated themselves and their companies from error.

Both of these CEOs came from an alternative era. They both used the social media of the era to modify to the speed of the markets smm panels. This adjustment allowed them to comprehend the paradigm shifts in their markets that allowed them to modify and to reposition their products so they could create a brand which was unable for their opponent to compete against.

Henry Ford was autocratic and he made the important decisions for Ford in the first’20s. Alfred Sloan at General Motors organized executive committees to collaborate and make the important decisions after deep group discussion. This create has great impact General Motors to this day. General Motors needed a luxury brand to offset Ford. Sloan had two choices, either the Seville or this thing called Cadillac. Seemingly from a cost standpoint the Seville had a cost advantage. There is a committee meeting that changed everything.

The manager of Cadillac, Nicholas Dreystadt, told the committee that Cadillac had a picture with black professionals, that was an essential niche market for General Motors, that other managers weren’t aware of. Black professionals purchased Cadillac as a symbol of the success. Due to this all blacks desired to buy a Cadillac, even if they couldn’t afford it. This created a brand for GM among all blacks, a demographic that now becoming important. These records could only be developed through group discussion. It wasn’t information which was common in the typical car business. Cadillac was selected, and it is just a major GM brand to this day.

In our modern era, General Motors had a technology that Ford had no answer to. It was a patented technology which was only on General Motor products. The emergence of social media allowed Ford to make a technology that has repositioned the current automobile market.

Ford’s C.E.O Allan Mulalley ordered his Vice Presidents to embrace social media as an effective way to speak with the customers of the markets. It has given Ford a great deal of information and insight that they’d never allow us on their own.

In talking with customers and in studying the technology, a Ford Vice-President, Doug Van Dagens, made a prescient observation. He observed that General Motors technology originated within the car. Social media marketing is all about taking your technology and connecting to other devices. This is what Ford has decided regarding its newest models. With the newer Fords, a customer brings their devices using them, and plugs them to the Ford.

Ford had made an important breakthrough in the region of texting. You hook up to and including panel, activate voice recognition, dictate your text, and that text is sent out, safely.

Ford has repositioned the car. It is no more a mechanism of transportation. The car has become a cultural media platform. Social media marketing is fast markets. Embracing it has allowed Ford to modify to the speed of the market. 

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